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PhotoExpedition Brazil – Words and Pictures from Izan Petterle

Our most recent PhotoExpedition in Brazil is now complete. I am finally home and trying to get caught up. In the meantime, I wanted to post a few images from my good friend, Brazilian photographer Izan Petterle.

Izan is a photographer for National Geographic, Brazil and is my partner on the PhotoExpeditions and the cowboys project. Izan has a wonderful, artistic eye and a warm, patient personality. I have learned much from observing his approach and watching him work. I think perhaps my favorite thing about Izan is the energy and enthusiasm he brings to his work. His enthusiasm is contagious and time spent with him always revitalizes my own vision. Izan has quickly become one of my best friends and I am proud to be able to post his work here on my blog.

You can see more of Izan’s work on the National Geographic, Brazil blog. It’s in Portuguese, so you may want to access the link using Google Translate.

Here are a few words and pictures from Izan:

“I want to thank my friend Greg for the opportunity of writing to his blog. We have been together in a great adventure, along with our seven lucky students, that might have changed our lives in a living and professional sense. It was our second experience doing photo expeditions in this wild and remote region. As we had been here before and we knew much better the Pantaneiro people, we felt much more comfortable doing this work. As a result, we were much more effective in the way we shot the trip. Images have this amazing characteristic, of being beyond the spoken language. Pictures are a form of meta-language, which can be understood in any part of the world. Maybe this is the best part of our partnership, help to break barriers between cultures, building bridges among countries, promoting a better understanding of our diverse contemporary society, even living in a time ruled by the so-called globalization. I have this thesis, we are all Americans, if you are born in North, Central or
South America, it’s all the same, does not matter, we were all born in the New World.”

-Izan Petterle-

Roping horses for branding at Faz. Carendá

Cowboy illuminated with flashlight as lightning flashes in the background at Faz. Carendá.

Cowboy framed by lasso at Faz. Ronco do Bugio.

Storm clouds form as rainy season begins over the Pantanal.

Cowboy Buiúi (BooYoo) brands a colt at Faz. Carendá.

Cowboy Luis with cigarette at Faz. São Carlos.

Luis jumps from his horse at Faz. São Carlos.

Luis son at Faz. São Carlos.

Luis sharpens his knife. All Pantaneiro cowboys carry a knife and sharpener in their belt.

Horses run though water at Faz. San Vicenté.

Chapada Dos Guimarães at sunset.

Teaching by example.

  • November 18, 2008 - 4:58 pm

    Ursula Mesa - Izan
    Your pictures look great, Like the colors and different angles.

  • November 20, 2008 - 10:44 am

    lucia - Querido Izan,
    Você não me surpreende mais com suas imagens, pois já te conhecendo como conheço, tenho certeza que o resultado das suas imagens sempre será espetacular!
    Um grande abraço, Lúcia

    Dear Izan,
    You do not surprise me more with their images, because knowing how you know, I’m sure that the outcome of your images will always be spectacular!
    Big Hug, Lúcia

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